The Western Heights College library includes a partnership arrangement with the City of Greater Geelong and the Geelong Regional Library Corporation.



During School days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  8.30am –  4.00pm
Wednesday:  8.30am –  8.00pm
Saturday:  9.00am – 12.00noon

School holidays

Monday:  9:00am –   4.00pm
Tuesday:  CLOSED
Wednesday:  9.00am –   8.00pm
Thursday, Friday:  CLOSED
Saturday:  9.00am –  12noon

Closed Public Holidays

The Library will hold two separate collections, one collection belonging to Western Heights College (WHC), and a smaller collection belonging to the Geelong Regional Library Corporation (GRLC) patrons will have access to both collections, and will be able to use their GRLC library card to borrow materials from both collections.

Operating as a recreational reading and lending facility for Geelong Regional Library Corporation members, the library will be a pick up and drop off point for GRLC library items, giving members the ability to place request for items from other GRLC locations.

The GRLC’s collection will operate under its regular terms and conditions of use, however some services such as access to computers, photocopying and story time sessions are not offered at this location. The WHC collection will operate under its terms and conditions of use.


The library is operated by Western Heights College staff, who will have all the relevant contact information for other GRLC branches and departments should the need arise.


Can I be a member of both libraries?

Yes, using your GRLC card you can be a member of both Libraries.

Will the items I borrow from WHC collection appear on my GRLC account?

The computer system used for the WHC collection is separate to the GRLC system.  WHC items will not show up  on the GRLC system, and hence will not appear on your GRLC account.  The seperate system also means that items borrowed from the WHC stock will not be on your GRLC 40 item limit.

Are there different borrowing times and overdue fees between the two Libraries?

Yes there are different terms and conditions as well as different borrowing times and overdue fees.  Be sure to enquire about the differences if you require more detail.


Western Heights College
Phone:  52771177

Geelong Regional Library Corporation
Phone:   52726010