Western Heights College encourages maximum student participation in all aspects of College life, supported by our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy.

We reinforce our theme of “Being Here” by – DSC_3227_35277

  • developing respectful learning relationships
  • using strategies to empower learners
  • using positive communication
  • providing intellectually demanding tasks
  • creating an inclusive, supportive learning environment
  • modeling expected behaviours


Every student is supported by their mentor teacher and belongs to a mentor group within a Learning Community.  Through this structure our College builds strong relationships between teachers, students and their families.  We care about what’s happening!

At Western Heights College we have a team approach to student wellbeing.  Our team is led by our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Leader and includes youth counsellors, secondary school nurse and a chaplain.  The College has a three tiered approach to supporting students, which begins with  support from each student’s learning mentor in tier one, support from the learning community and student wellbeing team in tier two, extending to  accessing significant support through agencies both onsite and external to our college in tier three.

Our SOAR (Safety, Organisation, Achievements and Respect) behaviours matrix has been developed by students for students, guiding our expectations of positive behaviours.

Every student belongs to a house, led by student leaders at each year level, for sport, art and community events.  Our House names; Barton, Minerva, Vines and Quamby, were selected by students in acknowledgement of the history of our College.

Our college camps program is sequential in development through the year levels, including outdoor experiences through camps, Tasmania, Kakadu and international tours.

Students are trained peer supporters, developing skills to assist their peers.  Our College Captains lead assemblies and represent the student body through their membership to College Council.

We take every opportunity to celebrate student achievements – Semester One Celebration of Success, End of Year College Awards Ceremony, commendable endeavour, service and citizenship, scholastic achievement and Dux awards at each year level, Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, ANZAC day and Remembrance Day Services.