Western Heights College has a strong commitment to purposeful contemporary learning practices ensuring the best possible learning for our students.  The college is well resourced providing remarkable student access to ICT. The college has a highly sophisticated intranet which provides a strong platform for learning.  Interactive Whiteboards, flexible spaces with microphones and high quality surround-sound, individual devices and cameras in addition to a range of Web 2.0 tools are available.DSC_3073_35131

It’s not enough for us to have state-of-the art facilities and equipment!  We always strive to use these resources to enhance the learning of our students, to push the boundaries on what’s possible, and achieve beyond expectations.

Teachers embed information technology into learning opportunities to ensure learning is more effective and engaging.

Students and teachers use a range of apps and social learning platforms like Edmodo and OneNote, to share resources, collaborate and communicate with each other, submit assessment tasks, offer and receive feedback.  This is popular with students whilst helping with their learning.

Teachers and students prepare and publish on-line tutorials; to prepare for or assess specific tasks, to introduce or revise new topics.   Videos are also included as part of our regular communication with our community in Parent eNewsletters.

Our eLearning strategy is focused on students, offering opportunities for teachers to assist students to lead and to explore, to create and to excel.  Classes are being flipped; students access content delivery via video clips at home, prepared earlier by their teachers.  Students publish their work and receive authentic feedback from a global audience.

And we continue to celebrate the successes and achievements of our students!


Purchasing your novel as an eBook.

Both year 12 novels are available from the eBook providers below, and possibly from others. The price varies slightly between them so you may want to check each store’s price if you haven’t already signed up with one. The eBook prices are considerably cheaper than buying the paperback and can offer extra features that will aid in your deep reading of the novels.

Each of the suppliers provides eBook apps or clients that allows you to read you book on any of your devices your slate or your phone. Which provider you wish to use is completely up to you.

You must create an account with a prepaid card or alternately link a credit card to it so you may need to talk to your parents about this, or have access to their account to buy the books.

If, after signing up with a supplier, you have problems using the client on your slate come to the network office for assistance.


Amazon/Kindle                https://kindle.amazon.com/

Apple                                   http://www.apple.com/ibooks/

Google Play                        https://play.google.com/store