Middle Years Program

There is sequential progression of curriculum throughout our college. Learning is enriched by extra-curricular activities including excursions, camps, guest speakers and performers, sport, student leadership and support opportunities.  The use of ICT and eLearning features strongly, supporting all students to excel.

The Years 7 and 8 curriculum program focuses on breadth and includes:DSC_3233_35283

  • Literacy (250 minutes)
  • Numeracy (250 minutes)
  • Personal Learning (100 minutes)
  • Health and Physical Education (100 minutes)
  • MESH – Maths, English, Science, Humanities (350 minutes)
  • Design, Arts & Technology and LOTE (450 minutes)

Mentoring is a key element of the Year 7 and 8 program, where every student is supported by a learning mentor.  Students learn specific skills in their individual studies of literacy, numeracy and personal learning, which they apply in authentic contexts during their interdisciplinary MESH units.

The iNine program is the Year 9 curriculum program, building on previous learning into a Pathways approach, where students are offered a range of units to broaden the scope of their studies.

Student continue their study of Literacy (250 minutes), Numeracy (250 minutes) and Health and Physical Education (100 minutes)

The iNine Advisory Program (100 minutes), an extension of the Year 7 & 8 Personal Learning Program, enables students to continue to be supported in their learning by their learning mentor, through a pathways, future-focused  approach.

Students are introduced to the study of Focus (200 minutes) studying individual units each term, developing students as learners and contributing citizens:

  • Unit One:  I Am  –In term one students develop their understanding of themselves as unique individuals
  • Unit 2:  I Can Be  – In term 2 students explore a range of career options
  • Unit 3:  I Do  – In term 3 students develop and action an applied learning task
  • Unit 4:  I Can Make a Difference – In term 4 students contribute as community citizens to an area of their choice, to make a difference

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (Silver) is offered as Focus.

Students complete 12 personal choice units for the year, undertaking 3 units each term.  They select these from a range of offerings, broadening their experiences to prepare for the next stage of their learning pathway. Of these 12 units, they must study 2 units of Science and Humanities and 1 unit of Arts and Technology and can also choose specialist units in these areas.