Vines Road Project

vinesroadIn 2011 Western Heights College moved Years 7, 8 and 9 to Vines Road in Hamlyn Heights.  Years 10, 11 and 12 remain on the Quamby Avenue senior site until the completion of Stage 2 of the project which includes the Performing Arts and Food Technology Centre, Lecture Theatre, Science Centre, Administration Building and Gymnasium.

The building of our school at Vines Road represents the culmination of years of hard work and shared commitment to a visionary project.  As a school, we have felt privileged to participate in the design of buildings in which our vision of learning that provides students with the skills they need for life and  leadership  in a new century can take place. The Vines Road buildings will be world class facilities for this purpose.

The College has worked very hard over recent years to implement programs which not only deliver good academic outcomes for students but also provide more personalised learning and a stronger sense of connectedness to each other and to the community.  Since 2006, in preparation for the fantastic new facilities we now see taking shape, students at Western Heights have been arranged in small learning communities, focussing on skills and capabilities appropriate to the future they will inhabit.  The Middle Years Learning Community buildings on Vines Road provide the spaces purpose designed for the curriculum and teaching we have developed and for which we have been recognised internationally.  Our first specialist building, a Design, Arts and Technology also form part of stage 1 of the project.

An important aspect of modern learning is that students are also connected to the real world and at Vines Road our students have the opportunity to serve, contribute to and learn from the wider community.  We are also co-located with the Vines Road Community Centre and the Senior Citizens. The site also boasts a joint use Library and cafe as well as community standard sports facilities including an oval and Netball Courts. Our school adds to our local community and enriches our students’ learning through the mutual sharing of knowledge and resources.